Discount Luxury Real Estate Agent in North Carolina


Luxury real estate can have a different meaning in different markets. White Stag Realty believes the term “luxury” should refer to properties that are worth at least 3 times the average property value in their respective market. If your area’s average home sells for $250,000, then a home worth $750,000 would be considered “luxury real estate”.

The key to representing a client looking to buy or sell luxury real estate is to have a broad understanding of the different components of each prospective property. Luxury homes tend to have more unique characteristics than their competition, even when located in relatively close proximity. Having a REALTOR that knows the features and amenities of the home, who can advise on value, condition, and marketability, and who can provide professional advice on such properties is vital in a successful high-end transaction.

When selling luxury homes, White Stag Realty focuses on ensuring a competitive commission rate – both in terms of total cost AND in marketability – versus active competition in the market. Both of these factors are vital in ensuring the highest chance of selling a luxury home, as the market inventory tends to be high, often  resulting in longer duration on market.

When helping a prospective buyer find and purchase a luxury property, White Stag Realty takes special care to become familiar with each potential home. Through showing, inspection, and appraisal, White Stag agents give elite advice to our clients, the goal being a purchase that makes sense for the client’s long-term needs.

Luxury real estate comes with its own set of obstacles and hurdles, both in selling and buying, but White Stag Agents provide value to clients who are looking to execute transactions in these elevated price ranges. Please contact us to learn more about luxury real estate in your area!

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